Zambian Community Forests


COUNTRY STEERING COMMITTEE: (Created August 1, 2017)

NAME: Garry Brooks

20130110 Garrys mug shot




Position: Founder

Location: Canada/Zambia


NAME: Innocent Kalinda

20170820 Innocent profile photo





Position: Steering Committee

Location: Mazabuka

Innocent Kalinda is 39 and is the CEO and founder of Chibolya Education & Health Organisation (CEHOZ) a local NGO in Mazabuka District also he has represented African Community Project (ACP) as the Outreach Coordinator for Mazabuka Community Forests since the beginning. He brings his dedication for a better environment to Zambian Community Forests (ZCF) and his vast experience in project management, procurement and accounting; holding many diplomas and certificates.

NAME: Passwell Nyambe

Position: Steering Committee

Location: Zimba







COMMUNITY FORESTS: Mumbi Community Forests

LOCATION: Eastern Province

COMMUNITY FORESTS: Luangwa Community Forests

LOCATION: Lusaka Province

COMMUNITY FORESTS: Zimba Community Forests

LOCATION: Southern Province

COMMUNITY FORESTS: Mazabuka Community Forests

LOCATION: Southern Province





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