Felix our Facilitator at Mumbi Village has started collecting Jatropha seeds for the 2012 growing season.  So far he has bought 1500kg or about 2.5 million seeds. They will be stored, packaged and distributed across Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe to our Community Forests ready for planting.  Already there is a waiting list from our community nurseries for seeds that will be planted as soon as they get them. The transport and distribution budget will need to be found quickly. Anyone interested to contribute to this will be most welcome!

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  1. nebiyu ezra says:

    in africa especially in Ethiopia serious works should be done on the seeds of endangered endogenious trees .most endogenious tress becouse of their best quality of strong luber and constraction material they are higely endangered .the government done litle works on red listing of endangered species ,endogenious trees have many advantages starting from ecological regulation up to food and tradational medecine sourse but now due to high deforestation we are loosing the mother trees in other word thise means we are loosing permanently our endogenious trees.i hope ACP will work with us in thise regard !

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