20170329 Felix looking at trees in Katete20170329 Leucaena in Katete Community Forests

March 29th, 2017 African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator, Felix Nguluwe traveled to Katete from Mumbi village to check on the trees that were planted by Katete Community Forests a few months ago. His report was very positive and his count of trees was over 70,000 healthy trees of assorted species. The community has set up a committee to run the new community forest and are now part of African Community Project.

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Kalindawalo Community Forests get seeds

20170320 Felix presentation at Senior Chiefs20170320 Distributing seeds20170320 pushing car out

On Sunday March 19th Felix Nguluwe, African Community Project’s, Outreach Coordinator of Mumbi Community Forests traveled to meets with the villages of Chamanika, Kamwankhuku, Kawele and Modzi-Atuwa, they are all members of Kalindawalo Community Forests in Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s Chiefdom. Lots of muddy roads from recent rains but his trip went very well and was able to distribute over 160,000 seeds of varies tree species to attending members.

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20170315 Mumbi seed collection20170315 collecting seeds in Mumbi 120170315 Seeds and kids Mumbi

Our seed collection for 2017 has been launched in Mumbi Community Forests. The kids are busy gathering Jatropha seeds to sell to African Community Project. These seeds will be packaged and distributed to Community Forests across Zambia for the 2017 planting season later in the year. Help us reach our goal of 2,000,000 seeds, donate on the donation page.

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Zaballos School, British Columbia, Canada


This week I traveled to Zaballos a remote community on the west coast of Vancouver Island where I visited the schools environment reclamation project and gave a presentation on my work in Zambia. I had met the students and teachers last year in Prince George where I was a speaker at the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia’s Conference on the ‘Stewards of the Future’. I was very impressed with the schools efforts and was invited to visit the project. It was well worth the long trip. I would like to acknowledge my being on the traditional lands of the Ehattesaht Nation, also to the community, the teachers and the attentive students for their efforts in making me welcome.

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May I present Stephen Nyirenda, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator of Luangwa Community Forests, he has been with us for over 5 years. He is a devoted environmentalist and community unsung hero. Luangwa town is at the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers, which was called Feira until 1964. Three countries also join in the area, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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