MINGA SCHOOL on the Great East Road.

20190313 Minga school and book

The Head Teacher of Minga School located across the Great East Road from Minga Bus Stop receiving their book. He also received a quantity of Oocarpa Pinus seeds which will be planted at the school. Our goal is the present a book to the over 100 schools in Zambia that African Community Project has been associated with in the over 15 years we have been practicing ‘social forestry’ in Zambia. The dream would be to give Mr. Garry’s Collection of Zambian Trees to every school in Zambia by the end of the year……….we just need some generous  donors at 30.00 US Dollars a book.

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CHISONSO SCHOOL……….Petauke Community Forests

20190313 Chisonso School Chisonso School of Petauke Community Forests receives their copy of 'Mr. Garry's Collection of Zambian Trees' from African Community Project's Outreach Coordinator on March 11th.

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Kasonde Primary School has received ‘Mr. Garry’s Collection of Zambian Trees’.

20190310 Kasonde School students20190310 Kasonde Head Teacher
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20190309 Ongolwe Primary School

The Head Teacher of Ongolwe Primary School receives my book, Mr. Garry's Collection of Zambian Trees and pine seeds from Felix Nguluwe our Outreach Coordinator for Petauke Community Forests.

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MONDOLA PRIMARY SCHOOL……… needs more then my book!

20190308 ppp

Last week Felix Nguluwe, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator of Petauke Community Forests presented my book, ‘Mr. Garry’s Collection of Zambian Trees,’ to the Headmistress of Mondola Primary School and some of the students. For only 30.00 US Dollars you can help put one of these informative books about Zambian trees in schools like this! Our goal is to put a book in the over 100 schools we have provided environmental education to over the past 15 years.

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