Mr. Garry’s Collection of Zambian Trees

20190206 Photo of Zimba Chairperson

Grave Muleya, the Zimba District Chairperson receiving his copy of ‘Mr. Garry’s Collection of Zambian Trees’ from Passwell Nyambe, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator for Zimba Community Forests. After reading the book he is quoted to saying, “no gift matches the value of information and awakening that is contained in this collection”.  He sends his gratitude and confirmation of ambassadorial volunteerism in championing the call on responsible co-existence with our trees, to the Author.

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Last week Felix Nguluwe, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator conducted two separate meetings on environmental issues and distributed more seeds for planting out, taking advantage of the plentiful rains in the area. The first meeting on January 25th took him by bicycle over almost impassable roads to Chikaonda Village where many of the areas citizens had gathered at the local school to discuss with Felix the effects of the changing climates and how it impacts their daily lives and to receive over 25,000 assorted tree seeds for immediate planting, most of these were Moringa.

On January 26th Felix chaired a meeting with the local Head persons of the area on climate change and the effects it is having on the people and the natural environment. Despite the heavy rains the meeting was well attended.

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20190115 Petauke DC and Felix20180810 Book FrontIn the first week of January 2019 African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator of Mumbi Community Forests presented the District Commissioner of Petauke with her copy of Mr. Garry’s Collection of Zambian Trees. My goal for 2019 is to present every school in Zambia with a copy of the book. Funding is desperately needed to fulfill this goal.

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Mr. Garry’s Collection of Zambian Trees can be ordered and bought from:

LUSAKA, CHONGWE: Watson Mwansa 0975437122 or 0966777088

LIVINGSTONE: Auldridge Chibbwalu 0977279624

ZIMBA: Passwell Nyambe 0979271362

KALOMO, CHOMA, MONZE, MAZABUKA: Ray Mwansa 0977723388

KAPIRI-MPOSHI, KITWE, NDOLA: Fredrick Nalili 0964184631

Price: 30.00 US Dollars or equivalent in Zambian Kwachas plus local shipping.


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20181108 Felix 120181108 Felix 220181108 Felix 3

African Community Project’s program of environmental education and tree seed distribution to our Community Forests continues. Today Felix, our Outreach Coordinator in Petauke District visited Simambumbu Community Forests in Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s Chiefdom which is about 85 kilometers from Petauke town. At the meeting he discussed climate change with the members and handed out tree seeds to be planted in the nurseries across the area.  They received 5,000 Moringa, 15,000 Leucaena, 3,500 Jatropha and 10,000 Pawpaw seeds. These seeds will be planted by the groups now so they can be planted out by the members when the rainy season arrives later this year.


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