We had a very good meeting today with the District Commissioner of Luangwa District discussing our very successful African Community Project’s environmental programs in the schools of the District.

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Geoffrey Chikwemba the Forestry Officer in Mazabuka and Innocent Kalinda of African Community Project agreeing to work as partners in creating community forests around Mazabuka.

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Innocent Kalinda is showing off the seeds that will be planted in the new tree nursery here in Mazabuka.

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More tree hugging!

Today and tomorrow I am spending time with Innocent Kalinda, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator in Mazabuka. Innocent has created a school from nothing to over 200 students attending daily. There are also 6 students with disabilities that board at the school. They are shown with me hugging a lone tree at the school. We desperately need extra funds to get the tree nursery and garden built to make the school yard a green space.

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October 25, 2014

Greetings to all my Zambian friends.

Zambia has now turned a corner in its life as a nation; starting its way to 100 years. Will it make it? Perhaps but not the way it is going. Your minerals will be all gone, just holes in the ground. Support from generous donors will have long gone. And the resource you should have cared for has all but disappeared. Your forests will have been long raped until nothing is left; sand dunes will drift across vast areas of once was a green nation. Water will become the new treasure and fought over like bones to hungry dogs. Nations of greed will have entrenched themselves in Zambia using the scarce water to produce food crops for their own people and perhaps colonization. Your children will have become disenchanted and turn to any means they can to survive. Please stop this rush towards destruction and annihilation and turn toward your natural resources. Look after them. Manage them sustainably. You have not got a closer friend then a tree so why do you treat them with such disrespect? You are not the only creatures on this planet that relies on the bounty that was provided to us all. Why do you treat it like it is a thing to be used and destroyed?

Garry Brooks

A concerned world citizen

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