African Community Project in Cameroon


African Community Project would like to welcome Divine Ntiokam to our volunteer staff in Cameroon. He will implement the program of creating sustainable community forests in interested communities. He is also involved in CSAYN a network of youth and disabled people from around the world learning to practice Climate Smart Agriculture.

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New well is completed in Mumbi Community Forests. Thanks to Sidney By The Sea Rotary Club for their generous donation. You can fund a new well for as little as $1200.00 or rebuild and deepen an existing one for as low as $500.00

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Planting Trees at Council Offices in Zimba


The District Commissioner and other Civic Leaders of Zimba District planted Flamboyant trees around the Council Offices on Environment Day earlier this week. The seedlings were grown in Zimba Community Forests Demonstration Nursery on the Council grounds.

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20140603 Voting yes!

A community voting yes to join African Community Projects initiative to create community forests across Zambia and give the forests back to the people!

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Muzya-Sindowe meeting in Zimba Community Forests

Meeting in session

African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator of Zimba Community Forests conducting a community meeting in Muzya-Sindowe

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