October 18. These photos of Moringa and new members were taken yesterday in Katete. There are still many people coming for environmental education and how to grow trees at Tikondane Community Centre. Felix Nguluwe visited there yesterday with more seeds and observed the germination rate on the last planting at almost 100%. Next week he is invited to visit his Royal Highness Chief Ndake of Nyimba at his Palace to talk to him and his indunas about our program and how he can join in.

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More Seeds for Katete


October 16. A young volunteer helping Felix Nguluwe our Mumbi Community Forests Outreach Coordinator to package Moringa seeds to taken to Katete tomorrow for distribution to the newly formed community forests.

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Running out of seeds…. need more funds for seeds.



Last month African Community Project along with the Forestry Department in Chisamba distributed over 30,000 packaged seeds to 15 schools in Chisamba District. Fredrick Nalili an Extension Officer for the Forestry Department is working with the schools encouraging them to establish woodlots and tree nurseries. African Community Project will have distributed over 2,000,000 seeds to members and community this year and it could double next year. We are always looking for funders to keep this worthwhile program going…. go to the donation page and help us out.

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Germination of pine at Mwomboshi Forest Camp


October 4th…. the germinated rate of oocarpa pine at the tree nursery at Mwomboshi Forest Camp is looking great. Mwomboshi Forest Camp is part of African Community Project’s Chisamba Community Forests overseen by Fred Nalili the Extension Officer at the Forestry Department in Chisamba. Well done Fred and the volunteers in the community.

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More Trees!


October 3, 2016: Poly grow pots ready for tree seeds in Katete. They will be getting necessary shade from a grove of mature Guava trees. Felix Nguluwe, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator from Mumbi Community Forests has brought them more seeds and the community is excited to start growing trees to replace the years of overcutting of the forests for fuel and agriculture expansion.

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