2016 has started off at a fast clip. Our budget for the year will no sustain this pace. Please consider lending a hand to help us get the message out about climate change and reforestation. We supply the know how and seeds to communities who want to help the planet, improve their livelihoods and plan for their children’s future. You can donate on the page provided or you can contact me at africancommunityproject@gmail.com

Zikomo kwambiri

20110125 Garry signiture

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Today Passwell Nyambe, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator for Zimba Community Forests visited two women’s clubs in Sijabala village. They were very excited to have Passwell visit them and very interested in our explanation of the changing climates that are affecting their lives and how we will help them replenish the trees that they have been cutting for years. YES WE CAN!

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Donations needed to replace storm damaged roofs

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Zimba Community Forests covers the entire District of Zimba, we provide environmental education, reforestation and practice ‘social forestry’ in cooperation with the District Council. Zimba is located on the highway between Lusaka, the capital of Zambia and Livingstone, home of the famous Victoria Falls. On December the 8th a vicious wind storm swept down on a portion of the District. It took the roof off one of the rural schools, three teachers’ houses and the health clinic. We are requested any donations to contribute to put new roofs on the structures, making it worse is that is now the rainy season.

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20160204 Passwell at Cindowe Community Scool #120160204 Passwell at Sindowe #2

Passwell Nyambe of African Community Project in Zimba yesterday at Sindowe Community School teaching about the changing climates and teaching the students and the community on how to plant trees, look after them and their uses. African Community Project supplies the seeds to communities all across Zambia. 2016 will be challenging to be able to supply seeds to everyone who wants to get involved with our program of creating community forests. Our goal is to double last year’s distribution to over 2 million seeds.  YES WE CAN!

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Chitanga Community School

20160129 Chitanga school teachers

Chitanga Community School Teachers
African Community Project has been working with Chitanga Community School since 2007, helping the school expand from less than 100 students and one teacher to the 2016 enrolment of 396 students and five teachers. In the photo from left to right – Mr. Mushiko Mushiko, Miss Auguxiria Musonda, Ms. Esther Chewe, Ms. Every Kabwe and squatting is Fredrick Malaika, Head Teacher and African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator for Kasama Community Forests.

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