Students and their trees! May 2016


The students at Sandowe Community School planted out their trees last week around the school yard. Each student has been given a tree to care for under the guidance’s of the teachers and Passwell, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator. I will be visiting the school next month when I travel to Zambia.

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Pine Seedlings at Mwomboshi Community in Chisamba District

20160229 Chisamba Pine

Our planting of 3,000 Pine oocarpa at Mwomboshi Community in Chisamba District has successfully germinated at 95%. Another 2,000 will be planted in a few weeks now that the rains have settled in. The community had to water the seedlings by hand until just a few weeks ago, due to erratic rain patterns. These pine seedlings will be planted out in Mwomboshi Forest Reserve which is severely being deforested. African Community Forest is hoping to educate the community to leave the reserve alone. The project is overseen by African Community Project`s volunteer in Chisamba, Fredrick Nalili. Praises go to Fredrick and the community for such commitment.

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On February 25th Passwell Nyambe African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator for Zimba Community Forests visited Sichimwa Community School and conducted an Environmental Education Day and taught the students how to plant tree seeds at the schools tree nursery.

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Chibolya Community School Dormitory


Today I got this photo from Innocent Kalinda, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator in Mazabuka, Zambia. It is one of the handicapped children who call Chibolya Community School home. This week 8 kids and their house mother went from sleeping on the floor sharing 3 mattresses to their own beds. Thanks to World Forgotten Children’s Foundation for their generous donation to help African Community Project make this happen.

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2016 has started off at a fast clip. Our budget for the year will no sustain this pace. Please consider lending a hand to help us get the message out about climate change and reforestation. We supply the know how and seeds to communities who want to help the planet, improve their livelihoods and plan for their children’s future. You can donate on the page provided or you can contact me at

Zikomo kwambiri

20110125 Garry signiture

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